Follicle/Endometrial Monitoring

This type of examination is performed to monitor the number and size of ovarian follicles and to assess the uterine lining for changes that can affect the successful implantation of a pregnancy. Follicle monitoring may be used to determine the appropriate timing for intercourse or intrauterine insemination (IUI) with or without the use of ovarian stimulation medication. Follicle monitoring is also used to assess the progress of ovarian stimulation prior to in vitro fertilization egg retrieval, and to assess the progression of the uterine lining prior to an embryo transfer.

No preparation is needed for this exam.

Coordination of Care with local and out-of-state fertility clinics

Care is tailored for you in close coordination with your local fertility specialist or out-of-state IVF Center anywhere in the USA or overseas. Results and images are immediately available for your provider to review via our HPPA-compliant secure image-sharing system.

Common out-of-state reproductive centers that we work with include:

  • Seattle Reproductive Medicine
  • Overlake Reproductive Health
  • Pacific Northwest Fertility
  • Poma Fertility
  • Oregon Reproductive Medicine
  • Northwest Fertility Center
  • Oregon Fertility Institute
  • Fertility Center of Las Vegas
  • Red Rock Fertility Center
  • Midwest Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • CNY Fertility (New York and Denver)
  • Arizona Reproductive Medicine